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Fogging is a fast and efficient way to disinfect and decontaminate areas that may come into regular contact with multiple people.


As the term suggests, a mist is sprayed over the required area, helping to prevent contamination whilst minimising future risk.


A conventional deep clean may leave airborne pathogens however fogging, using our antiviral cleaning services effectively reduces these. At the same time our disinfecting solution covers the hard to reach and forgotten areas of a standard clean.


Fogging safely covers fabrics, materials and furniture without causing damage or marks. 

Fogging services are carried out by cleaning specialists covered head to toe in protective clothing for everyone's safety. During these testing times of current day, all of our specialists will wear a mask at all times, including on arrival and as they leave.

Due to the ease of spraying our disinfecting solution, now that the nation begins to return to work fogging is fast becoming the best way for businesses to ensure employees and customers health and safety is top priority.

With shops, bars, restaurants and more opening up again, multiple people are regularly touching multiple areas. Traditional cleaning methods are a great place to start however fogging adds that extra level of certainty.

Fogging is effective in all types of environments; hospitality, sports and leisure, transport and places of worship to name a few.​


Finally, fogging gives you peace of mind knowing your area and surfaces are disinfected and safe to use again.